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There are lots of myths and misconceptions about organ donation. Do you know the truth?

"I'm too old to donate."

You might feel like you're old, but your organs, tissues, or eyes could make a huge impact or even save the life of someone else. Don't ever count yourself out! Anyone, regardless or age or medical history, can register to save lives as a donor.

"My family will have to pay for donation-related medical expenses."

Not true. The donor's family is not responsible for any donation-related medical expenses. Money should never prohibit someone from saving someone's life.

"It's against my religion."

Actually, it's probably not. All major religions support organ, eye, and tissue donation as the ultimate act of charity. Click the image to see what each religion thinks about donation.

"I'm too sick. Who would want them?"

There are very few medical conditions that disqualify you from donating organs, eyes, or tissues. People with diabetes, HIV, high blood pressure, and even cancer can go on to donate. Don't disqualify yourself prematurely!

"If I'm a donor,  the hospital won't work as hard to save me."

Donation is not about trading one life for another. Your medical team is going to do everything they can to save YOU. Only after all life-saving efforts have been exhausted will donation be discussed.

"What if they take my organs before I'm really dead?"

This is a very popular myth because it's so scary and sounds straight out of a horror movie. But in reality, it's just not true! Donation only occurs after official death has been declared - and trust us, it's a LOT of tests.

Learn more about the donation and transplantation process.

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